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 Free Custom Embroidery Logo Analysis

CusEmbroidWith every custom embroidery order, Touchstone Threads offers a free logo analysis. Many different logos , either fully or in part, do not transfer well into a finished quality embroidered piece. Embroidered logos need to be clean and easy to read, and should best represent a print logo. We refer to stitch count when discussing embroidered pieces whether apparel or promotional products. High stitch counts produce beautiful embroidered apparel, however they can be stiff to the touch. Lower stitch count can allow the color of the fabric to show through.

Prices are determined on stitch counts as well as the different numbers of threads utilized. Full disclosure and comments from our professional staff will arrive with the quote shortly after we’ve had a chance to analyze the logo.

Please submit your art here, and we will return to you shortly with a detailed description of the changes that we suggest.

We will try to keep the integrity of your design as close as possible to the original, but with the final clarity of the embroidery in mind. If you are considered about any changes that might need to be made, it would be a good idea to speak with a representative prior to the start of stitching.

If you wish to speak with a TouchstoneThreads.com representative, please call 866-382-1195.

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